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Start Sugaring Now to Prepare for Summer!

Don't wait until the weather warms up to start sugaring! Start now to avoid that initial grow out period during shorts and bikini season.

What You Need to Know Before You Begin

If you are making the switch from shaving to sugaring, (hooray!) there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you need to give yourself time to let the hair grow out. We recommend a bare minimum of 2 weeks to be able to get decent results. However, the longer you let the hair grow, the better, so 3 or 4 weeks is ideal. This is the hardest part, that initial grow out period.

When you are coming from shaving, the hair is course and rough from the blade of the razor creating a blunt end on those hairs, creating more surface area. This results in the appearance of darker and thicker hair. Once you begin removing the hair from the root (sugaring), the hair grows back into its natural shape - tapered at the end. The hair begins to grow back more sparse, thinner, and smoother than it did with shaving. (Bonus, you only need to sugar every 3-4 weeks!)

Second, make sure you exfoliate really well before your service. Why? By exfoliating you will help any little hairs that are trapped under the skin (ingrown hairs), get up and out, giving you smoother results from your sugar. You want to exfoliate all areas of the skin but some spots are more prone to ingrown hairs than other (bikini area and legs are one). Pay close attention to the calve area, where a lot of hair tend to get trapped under thin layers of dead skin cells.

It's Still Raining, Why Start Now?

No one wants to deal with that 3-4 week grow out period when the sun is shining and the weather says throw some shorts on and hit the beach! By starting now, you get let those legs get nice and furry and won't have to worry because all you want to do is be cozy in some sweatpants at home. Once you begin sugaring, you want to give yourself a few sugaring sessions on a consistent schedule to see the results last longer. We recommend 4 weeks, however you can sugar as early as every 3 weeks or go as long as 6. Try to plan for about 3-4 sessions on 4 week intervals.

Why? Our hair grows on a 28 day cycle, on average. When you first begin sugaring, some of those hairs are new on their growth cycle and some are at the end. You want to train your hair to all synch up so the majority is growing on the same cycle.

Want Smooth Legs in San Diego?

At The Honey Pot, our full leg sugar includes the bikini line and extends all the way down to the feet and the toes! (Don't be embarrassed of that toe hair! Most of us get it too!) Normally, $110 during the month of March a full leg sugar is $90 and will include a body brush to take home with you so you can keep up with that exfoliation! Add on your Brazilian for just $39 this month as well!

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