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Sugar Sugar, How'd You Get So Fly

Let Me Count the Ways in Which I Love Sugar (There's a Lot)

Why is sugaring so amazing? Let me tell you:

  1. All natural ingredients: Sugar paste has 3 ingredients - sugar, water, and lemon juice. That's it. Unless you have an allergy to one of those ingredients, then the chances of having a reaction or sensitivity to the sugar paste is extremely low. Compare that to more traditional wax, which has a whole list of ingredients (including resins, dyes, and sometimes fragrance) that many people either have sensitivities to or full on allergic reactions.

  2. All natural, means completely biodegradable: With the 3, all natural ingredients and no need for sticks or strips, the sugar paste is extremely environmentally friendly. At The Honey Pot, we've also committed to using biodegradable gloves as well in an effort to try and minimize our impact on the planet. In fact, the hair that's been removed will take longer to break down than the products that are used.

  3. Warm, not hot: Sugar paste is warmed to about body temperature rather than heated to over 100 degrees like wax is. While the normal temperature of wax is not enough to burn the skin, if your technician is not careful, it is possible to leave with burns from the wax. You will never have this problem with sugar. Even if the sugar is heated to a point that is too soft and difficult to work with, it will still not be enough to cause burns. Additionally, anyone with more sensitive or reactive skin will have a better experience from the lower temperature of sugar.

  4. Gentle and effective: Sugar paste is extremely gentle on the skin. The sugar will only adhere to the hair itself and any dead skin cells that lay on top of the skin (a light exfoliation), resulting in smooth and glowing skin. The method of application with the sugar paste allows it to seep into the hair follicle and wrap around the hair, giving shorter hairs more of a chance to get picked up than wax that sits on top of the skin. The sugar is then flicked off, and the hair removed in the natural direction of growth, minimizing the chances of hair breaking off at the base.

  5. Semi-Permanency: While laser hair removal is the only way to permanently stop the hair growth, sugar can lead to semi-permanent results. When you remove the hair consistently and frequently, you have the chance of damaging the follicle itself - meaning that hair won't grow back! Ever over tweezed your eyebrows and now they won't grow back in? Kinda like that but in areas we don't want to grow back.

How to Care for Your Skin After Your Sugar

For the first day or two after your sugar, you want to avoid anything that can cause further irritation to the skin or anything were bacteria can enter the pores. Remember, we just ripped out all of your hair, those follicles are now wide open so we want to give them a chance to close back up. Avoid intense exercise, heat (saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis, etc.), swimming pools, and touching the freshly sugared area too much. (I know all you'll want to do is touch your freshly smooth skin, but hold back for a couple days.)

After a few days, begin to exfoliate the skin regularly (3-4x per week) using an AHA, BHA or enzymatic exfoliation and incorporate dry brushing into your routine. The acid or enzyme exfoliation will help to break up those layers of dead skin cells that block the follicles, preventing the hair from exiting the skin, while the dry brushing will help to slough them off while promoting circulation to the skin.

Also, be sure to keep the skin nice and hydrated with either a fragrance free body lotion or body oil (essential oils are okay). Keeping the skin hydrated is essential for maintaining the skins health while softening the hair - helping it have an easier time growing out of the skin.

We've Got You Covered

As always, we've got you covered for all things sugaring in San Diego! All prices are listed on the website but our most popular service is the Brazilian. We have both a maintenance program and a loyalty program. On the maintenance program, you save $10 on your Brazilian sugar when you come in within 6 weeks of you last service. On the loyalty program, you get a stamp for each regular priced Brazilian, after 5, your 6th is free!

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